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Entry Test

Use the proper form.


1.  Both my (brother-in-law) work in a bank which is situated on the (outskirt/outskirts) of town.

2. Look! Two (aircraft) are flying in the dark sky.

3.  My (grandmother) favourite TV series (be) 'Santa Barbara'.

4.  When (be) the latest news on TV? - (It,  They) (be) at 9 a.m.

5. Two kilometres (be) a long way to go on foot.

6. The police (be) after the escaped prisoners.

7. Oh dear. Measles (be) quite a serious illness.

8. My (sister-in-law) family is not very large.

9.  Cambridge University was exclusively for (man) until 1871 when the first (woman) college was opened.


10. My uncle was operated yesterday. He is still in ... hospital. I'm going to ... hospital to see him.

11.  ... life will be very different in ... future.

12.  ... villages-in this part of ... country near ... Thames are very beautiful.

13.  ... Nightingales belonged to ... highest social class of ... England.

14. What do you call ... people of ... China? - ... Chinese.

15.  ... man must do everything possible to save ... environment and ... life on ... planet of Earth.

16.  ... English language was brought onto ... British Isles in ... middle of ... fifth century by ... Angles, Saxons and Jutes who came there from ... North of ... Germany.

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