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32.  We thought that the parcel (deliver) in time, but the postman (not, come) yet.

33. The furniture (rearrange) today, and the flat (look) very cozy now.

Modal verbs:

34. Let's discuss this over lunch, ...? - OK. We (can, had to, may) discuss this (later, lately).

35.  Cambridge (can, must, may) be one of the best-known towns in the world and (may, can, must) (find) on most tourists' lists of places to visit. You (should, have to, might) go there yourself to see this town. I (mustn't, can't, needn't) do it, I (be) there several times.

36.  Everyone (can,  should,  might) pay taxes to the government.

Pronouns and Prepositions:

37. (Some, any, few) beautiful roses (give) (on, to, for). Jane (to, by, at, for) Patrick (by, at, on) (her, hers) birthday.

38. The house was small and there (be) not (many, much, little, a little) rooms in it.

39. (What, how) is Rob like? - He is generous and kind.

40. The secretary just (sign) (this, these, that) letters (of, on, by) behalf (on, for, at, of) the manager.

Adjectives and Adverbs:

41. (Old) she gets, (forgetful) she becomes. (A, the, -) elderly and (at, an, the, -) old (be) often forgetful.

42.1 think the American version of 'War and Peace' was (lit-tle) interesting than (our, ours).

43. For (far) information, please write to the above address.

44. Now there (be) about 12,000 students in Oxford, and the University and the town live (happy,  happily) side by side.

45.  Mr. Smith is much (old) than his wife but they are (happy) couple I ever (meet).


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