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Август, 2017

3.  The Japanese eat much more vegetables than Europeans. □

4.  When in Europe on business, the Japanese try to eat only their national food. □

5.  They consume more sugar than we do. □

b)  Write down your answers to the following questions.

1.  On what diet do the Japanese prefer to live?

2.  Do people in Japan eat more or less meat than Europeans?

3.  What makes the Japanese diet much healthier than ours?

4.  Japanese people eat twice as many vegetables as we do, don't they?

5.  What do the Japanese discover when they come to Europe?

6.  Why do the Japanese live longer than Europeans?



Level 1-A


1. Have you ever visited other countries? - Yes, I... to Italy and France.

a) was                             c) had been

b) have been                    d) would be

2.  I feel really tired. We ... to the party last night and have just returned home.

a) went                            c) had seen

b) has gone                      d) was going

3. At the beginning of the film I realized that I ... it before.

a) see                              c) had seen


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