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a) are arrested                   c) were arrested

b) have been arrested       d) will be arrested

10.1 ... understand this letter. Will you translate it for me?

a) mustn't                         c) may not

b) can't                               d) shouldn't

11.  Diana's parents don't let her go to late-night disco. She ... be at home at 9 o'clock in the evening.

a) must                              c) may

b) can                                 d) have to

12. Henry ... apologize for his bad behaviour yesterday.

a) have to                           c) had to

b) may                                d) is to

13.  The children studied hard, and as a result they passed the exams ... of all.

a) good                               c) best

b) better                             d) the best

14. This is ... film I've ever seen.

a) more interesting           c) most interesting

b) the most interesting    d) not interesting

15.  ... old, ... sick, ... unemployed need our special care.

a) -                                     c) the

b) an                                   d)everybody

16. Someone who saw ... robbery called the-police.

a) -                                     c)the

b) a                                     d)those


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