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7. I was very tired. When I ... to bed, I fell asleep immediately.

a) got                                  c) had got

b) has got                           d) will get

8. The Vikings ... to North America a thousand years ago.

a) sail                                 c) had sailed

b) sailed                             d) have sailed

9. Thank you for your offer, but I ... not to accept it.

a) decide                            c) have decided

b) has decided                    d) decided

10. You ... through your old photograph album for half an hour already.

a) look                                c) have looked

b) are looking                    d) have been looking

11. Nobody knows where his picture is. Perhaps, it ... .

a) was stolen                      c) has been stolen

b) will be stolen                 d) stolen

12.  I agree. You ... apologize for not inviting him to your birthday party.

a) can't                              c) shouldn't

b) mustn't                         d) may not

13. Actually, today I feel ... than I did yesterday.

a) bad                                 c) worst

b) worse                             d) the worst

14.  ... people who are unemployed often feel depressed.

a) The                                 с) А


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