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cordially by Matthew. 10. The baggage is taken care of. 11. Party arid government bodies are greatly assisted by scientists. 12. They were denied admittance. 13. The boy was always made fun of at school. 14. The house had not been lived in too long. 15. I was told to wait in the lounge. 16. The report was followed by a long debate. 17. Such things can't be put up with. 18. She had been asked to join them but had refused. 19. What Mildred was trying to conjure up must be made nonsense of, must be made somehow not to exist. The thing must be laughed off briskly, Mildred must be clapped on the shoulder and taken to her coffee. 20. His December statement was given support by the President. 21. She wasn't given an answer but was told she would have to register anyway. 22. I was not taken seriously at first. 23. Later she was offered a post in the legal department of the republican government. 24. It did not displease him to think that he had been feared rather than loved. 25. For a more complete understanding of the elements their thorough study is called for. 26. The police were sent for. 27. The room in which we stood seemed as though it were being just moved into. 28. I was not told these things. 29. M. Poirot has been telephoned for. 30. They were waited on by the two boys. 31. We were generally looked upon as a devoted couple.

32.     "We're going home tomorrow you'd better be thinking about your frocks." "Bless you! They're all thought about."

33.     The game was resumed, the glasses were refilled, pipes were lit, watches were looked at.

IV. Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык. Определите тип русского предложения.

1. Не wasn't easy to do anything with. 2. I don't think I'd ever realised before how good a green meadow is to look at. 3. The heat was hard to bear. 4. He is no easy-tempered man to handle. 5. It's obvious that ruin is easier to bear in a luxurious apartment in a fashionable quarter. 6. She reflected that, though he looked hungry, he might not be hard to feed. 7. He was not a man to be trifled with. 8. The idea of Emma at Grayhallock was very hard to tolerate. 9. You can't imagine how difficult your Russian names are to remember. 10. She was easy enough to find if you knew the right people. 11. The spiritual and psychological bondage is so hard to break. 12. Violet Saffary was a nice little woman; not very pretty, but pleasant to look at. 13. This writer's


difficult to read. 14. The role of the deceived husband is difficult to play with dignity. 15. The Committee were always hard to move when it came to repairing the assistant's houses.

V. Преобразуйте следующие предложения в соответствии с моделью.

It was easy to get on with him. He was easy to get on with.

1. It was difficult to persuade him. 2. It is impossible to understand such things. 3. It was unusual to find the collection in the house of a planter. 4. It was good to bask in the sun of the Indian summer. 5. It was almost impossible to obtain these small luxuries now. 6. It is very difficult to get wine these days. 7. It was impossible to approach her on the subject. 8. It was hard to put up with her temper. 9. But it was hard now even to imagine that time. 10. It was hard to bear her malice all the same. 11. It was not easy to enforce the laws. 12. It's amusing to talk to her and it's nice to look at her. 13. It was very hard to please him. 14. It was not so easy to catch him as all that. 15. It was wonderful to behold Mrs Towler's face.

VI.  Переведите  следующие  предложения  на  английский язык.

1. Мне холодно. 2. Ему душно. 3. У меня кружится голова. 4. Джин хочется пить. 5. Нам было бы скучно без дяди Пита. 6. Меня тошнит. 7. Готов обед? Нам хочется есть. 8. Как мне жарко! 9. Не будет ли вам удобнее (comfortable), если я включу свет? 10. Ты хочешь спать?

VII.  Переведите на русский язык, перестраивая предложения в соответствии с нормами русского языка.


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